Estancia Maria Behety | Tierra del Fuego | LODGING
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The Estancia Maria Behety  [pronounced as “Betty”] is located in the province of Tierra del Fuego, south of the Strait of Magellan, at 53°40’ south latitude and 67°41’ west longitude.

Its town is located 15 kilometers from the city of Rio Grande and 3,000 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

In the beginning, Don Jose Menendez founded two big ranches, one on each side of Rio Grande. He called them The First and The Second Argentina, respectively. Currently, they are named after Jose Menendez and his beloved wife, Maria Behety.

It first started with about 180,000 ha. and currently, after natural successions, the Estancia Maria Behety is about 64,000 ha. with capacity for 42,000 Corriedale sheep, 1,400 Hereford cattle, and more than 300 breeding mares.

The Estancia Maria Behety is known for having the biggest shearing shed in the world, with capacity for 7,000 animals and 40 shears.


The main house is composed of a set of houses, workshops and barns arranged around a central square (now a 9-hole par 3 golf course).

All of the structures are originally from the 1900’s, as all the rest of the estancias (ranches) that Don Jose Menendez founded. He marked a classic style that is now typical to all constructions in the region of Tierra del Fuego. The group of houses with their walls painted in different colors, the protection of the mountains from inclement weather, and the vastness of the landscape, make of it an irreplaceable and unique place.

The main family house is located at about 400 meters from the town. It was stricken by two fires: the first, in 1922, which partially destroyed the house. And the second, in 1988, which burned it down completely.

It was rebuilt in the nineties, and currently the house serves as accommodation for fishermen who come to practice fly fishing in Rio Grande every year.



Every year, the Estancia Maria Behety produces 200,000 kilos of high quality and whiteness Corriedale wool, from the 39,000 shearing sheep, rams, wethers and lambs.

The wool is classified by its finesse and kind, following the PROLANA parameters of quality standards. It is then packed in bundles of approximately 300 kilos, ready for export or sale in the domestic market. Our wool production proudly holds the certification of 100% organic production.

The shearing shed, built in 1935, is the largest of the world, with capacity for 7,000 animals and 40 shears. The average wool production is greater than 5 kilos per animal.

The reason allowing us to maintain the quality of our wool year after year is the breed purity  achieved by selecting and crossing the highest pedigree rams for more than 100 years.


The Corriedale breed sheep produces both wool and meat for consumption. Therefore, every year the ranch produces about 16,000 lambs intended for natural replacement and slaughter.


Although at Estancia Maria Behety the sheep production prevails, the Hereford cattle breeding is also strong.



The Regina Coeli chapel was recently built at Estancia Maria Behety. Its name means Queen of heavens, which is a Marian and Christological meditation prayer centered on the mystery of the Lord’s Resurrection. This prayer is recited for Easter, from Easter Sunday to Pentecost, instead of the Angelus.



In the past, this building served as a central kitchen for the rural workers of the ranch. Currently, the structure is used to hold events. Once a week, during the fishing season, a big roast brings together all fishermen and crew guides in this building.



The Estancia Maria Behety has a 9-hole par 3 golf course where the central square once was. It is surrounded by houses, buildings and the shearing shed. Some years ago, this land was ceded to the golf club which, with the support of its partners, is responsible for maintaining the field in top condition for this sport.



Los Jazmines meat processing plant was founded in 1989. The Estancia Maria Behety shares its property with two other ranches in the area. Its production supplies the best lamb meat to the island’s internal market.

Its modern facilities, and strict quality control achieved through years of responsible work, have enabled obtain the necessary authorizations for exporting its products.

As a guarantee of excellence, Los Jazmines obtained the Tierra del Fuego–Fin del Mundo Certified Quality Label.